Our history

After a successful partnership initiated in 2016 to bring Additive Manufacturing within Yamaichi Group’s “Factory Mall” with the creation of Prismadd Japan, the logical next step was to join forces with WeAre Group to develop a strong offer addressed to high growth markets in the region.

Building WeAre Pacific, each partner brought its full set of skills, assets and know-how:

  • WeAre Group is a European Tier 1 for Detailed Parts in the Aerospace & Medical industry
  • Yamaichi Group is first class Raw material handler, Precision mold and parts manufacturer of the Automotive, Defense and Rail industries
  • Globaltronic Group is a recognized manufacturer for the Medical and Aerospace industries in Asia and in the US with advanced knowledge of Industry 4.0

The group combines the founding values of its constituent entities in order to:

  • Build competitive solutions tailored to meet the needs of its customers
  • Offer all its teams an inspirational, long-term project.
  • Creation of WeAre Pacific, Joint-venture between WeAre Group and Yamaichi.
  • Globaltronic joins WeAre Pacific

BOUYAUSARE and COMEFOR joined the group

Creation of the WeAre Group

Creation of Prismadd Japan

Gradual integration of the founding entities and companies in the field of additive manufacturing

The three partner entities in ACE AERONAUTIQUE decided to build a new industrial group together

Creation of PRISMADD

The companies CHATAL, ESPACE and FARELLA joined forces within ACE AERONAUTIQUE

Creation of Globaltronic Precision in Singapore.

YAMAICHI creates the “Factory Mall” integrating : Special Steel, Heat Treatment, Machining, Measurment & Logistics.


WeAre is the story of a group of family-owned SMEs that built their success based on their customer focus, development of technical skills, and passion for technology and innovation.

In Asia-Pacific, the group is the result of three industrial companies joining forces to build a solid industrial group with international ambitions.

With all entities combined, we build a difference, integrating the family histories and values in our core to build a solid and responsive group that is fully in touch with its customers and employees.

Values & Commitments

A company committed to serving its customers and employees.

WeAre Pacific is building its growth and industrial project on values of excellence, innovation, commitment and performance, humanism and respect.

WeAre Pacific is aiming for excellence and success within a project shared passionately by all its employees, customers and partners. An ambition is only worth having if it is shared!

With our customers, to whom we offer competitive technological solutions and impeccable service.

With our employees, to whom we offer an exciting project where everyone can find their place and build their own future.

We Are believes in the virtues of operational excellence and rigor on a daily basis. In a highly competitive environment, by pursuing specialization and skills improvements in our sites and product lines, and by constantly seeking efficiencies, we are able to offer our customers first-class technology solutions.

We Are affirms the importance of a constant drive for innovation supported by each employee. The company is making a sustained investment in its research and development policy as well as in a process of global innovation. Its customers, suppliers and partners are all invited to participate in its R&D initiatives and projects in an effort to improve competitiveness and responsible development.

We Are believes in management led by trust and accountability, cooperation and optimism. Everyone in the company has the chance of a stake in the collective project.

We want to be a socially responsible company that fully respects its ecosystem.

We Are sees commitment as a lever for performance and excellence. We want to be a company where everyone is fully committed to achieving customer satisfaction.

This is the commitment we all share that is the best guarantee of sustainable performance.


WeAre Pacific is structured for rapid growth and consolidate a value-creation business model for our customers and employees.

The group is organized into autonomous specialist Business Units (BUs) whose directors provide commercial, industrial and financial management

The central functions are carried out by experts who work in conjunction with the BUs to ensure the implementation of a coherent strategy and to harmonize practices and processes.

The Executive Committee is the central management body. With both strategic and operational functions, it builds and directs implementation of the strategy under the authority of the WeAre Pacific’s Chairman.

Social responsability

WeAre Pacific is fully aware of all its social responsibilities.

This approach drives all the company’s management decisions and represents a strategic commitment for the Group underpinned by an ethical belief.

This responsibility is expressed with regard to the entire ecosystem in which we operate: our customers, employees and suppliers, as well as to institutions and our fellow citizens

We are aware of the importance of our commitment to ethical and responsible behavior with regard to all our partners and employees.

WeAre has developed a dynamic policy with regard to the Group’s employees in order to offer them a work environment that enables them fully to express themselves. We are putting in place a considerate leadership, an open and transparent social dialog, and an ambitious talent-development policy.

We want to act responsibly and are seeking ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

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