Special Process

Special Process
Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment & post process


Heat Treatment

  • “Quality First” and “The most clean and noiseless Heat treatment factory in the world”
  • Size of furnace: 800x800x1200mm up to 1000kg
  • Nitrogen gas: 10bar pressurized cooling
  • High-Quality: Distortion kept to minimum with Cooling speed control

Sub-Zero Treatment

  • From negative 70 degrees

LSP processing (Patent: No.5002081)

  • New heat treatment solution to suppress aging deformation conventionally from one fifth to one tenth


In Japan :

  • ISO17025 Laboratory Accreditation
  • HYBRID measurement with the largest CMM
    • 5000mm x 4000mm x 3000mm weight up to 10 tons
    • Aircraft body parts
    • Gear parts for wind generator systems
    • Parts for machining
    • Large jig for measurement
    • ..
  • Camera-type non-contact measurement system and Reverse Engineering

Secondary Process Capability

  • Lapping / Deburring Machine
  • Tumbling Machine
  • Sand Blasting Machine
  • Tapping / Riveting
  • Insert Helical & PEN Studs
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Degreasing
  • Laser marking
140 in France
All group countries
Preferred partners
Integrated for outsourced process

A leader on the global market

  • Surface treatment (NADCAP accreditation)
  • Non destructive testing (NADCAP accreditation)
  • Inspection & Equipment

  • Painting (NADCAP accreditation)

  • Logistic Hub solutions


Adrien Pichon
Development Manager

WEARE Pacific Tokyo Bldg.

3-10-9 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku

106-0031 Tokyo, Japan

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